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 ”Don’t be overwhelmed. Think about the little things that we can do”Kam Chohan


A Quick Summary

The “Where’s Your Head At” hosts chat with Kam Chohan, the Executive Director of ECIS (Educational Collaborative for International Schools). ECIS exists as a professional life-force for members, a vibrant network of thoughtful doers and change-makers. Kam describes the importance of her work in DEIJ and child protection and shares her love of reading and her commitment to social justice.


Show notes

In this episode…

Introduction of Kam Chohan (3.06)

How did Kam’s career start? (5.10)

What are we getting right in education today? (7.00)

What is the new normal in education? (9.00)

What are the easy wins for school leaders? (13.10)

The strategic direction of ECIS (16.45)

How do you say “no” to the network of constituents? (20.45)

If Kam could start again would she do anything differently? (22.45)

Were there specific moments, or individuals, who helped Kam in her career? (25.00)

Biographies/books/models which Kam has used for her leadership (27.30)

How to contact Kam (29.40)



Kam Chohan

Kam Chohan is the Executive Director of ECIS. With an impressive background in education and leadership, Kam is a learning leader and brings insight, wisdom, and compassion to the role. She has demonstrated the ability to build meaningful, lasting relationships that contribute to personal and organisational development and improvement. As an example of her commitment to student learning, Kam worked with the UK Government’s Behaviour Insights Team to apply the Nudge Theory to improve student outcomes on a national level. As Chief Operating Officer for ECIS, Kam demonstrated, high aptitude for financial reporting, forecasting, analytical ability, scenario analysis, and financial implications of business and educational models. Kam is committed to social justice and equity through diversity, inclusion, and intercultural understanding in international education.

At the NEASC 2022 Conference in Boston, Kam Chohan, ECIS Executive Director, was presented with the prestigious NEASC 1885 Award for Exemplary Service to Education “in recognition and appreciation of the quiet contribution, the achievements both acclaimed and unknown, and the personal sacrifices made for the benefit of all.”