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Deb Welch

“If you can develop capacity in people you can accomplish anything and everything” 


A Quick Summary

How can we grow as leaders? The “Where’s Your Head At” hosts are joined by Deb Welch, an experienced international educator who has worked in various roles in the education sector for many years. In this show, we hear tips from Deb and learn from her perspectives of how we can grow as leaders in education today. 


Show notes

In this episode…

Introduction for Deb Welch (2.36)

Deb’s time at AISH (3.50)

Thinking about your growth as a Head of School (6.17)

Transition to Carney Sandoe (7.30)

What were the opportunities that helped Deb on her career path? (9.20)

What does Deb think is the most important thing for leaders to get right? (13.45)

Proudest proud and sorriest sorry (16.05)

Chris Argyris – Double Loop Theory of Feedback (16.55)

Reflection and its importance (17.40)

Significant changes in education over the past 20 years and what will see in the future (18.40)

The stages of problem solving at AISH (22.45)



Deb Welch 

Deborah Welch is the Senior Consultant for Carney Sandoe and Associates. Prior to this she was the CEO of the Academy for International School Heads (AISH). She was the Director of the American School of Doha and the Deputy Director for Learning at International School Bangkok. She was also Director of Teacher Training Center (TTC) and a course developer, trainer and consultant for Principals’ Training Center (PTC). Deb has been a teacher, curriculum director, staff developer, university instructor and educational consultant. She holds a Ph.D. in human and organizational development and a master’s in educational leadership and curriculum. She has a teaching certificate, and administrative and superintendent endorsement from Colorado