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Nick Kendell

“Everything else will be successful in a school if you can get the climate and culture right”.


A Quick Summary

What is happening in international teacher recruitment today? The “Where’s Your Head At” hosts are joined by Nick Kendell, an experienced international educator who has worked in teacher recruitment for many years. In this show, we hear tips from Nick for improving your chances of getting your next job as well as his thoughts on education in the future. 


Show notes

In this episode…

What is Nick doing now? (2.57)

What is happening in international teacher recruitment today? (6.44)

Diversity in international schools (8.55)

Who was Nick lucky to work with? (9.22)

What are leaders in schools getting right today in recruitment? (10.45)

Was there anything Nick would have changed in his past? (14.30)

What beliefs should educators/leaders let go? (16.08)

Nick’s opinion on what schools are getting “right” (17.40)

What will school’s look like in 20 years from now? (20.30)

Planning for recruitment at non-traditional schools (22.50)

How do you move up the ladder? (25.30)

Should I do an advanced degree? (27.25)

How to contact Nick (29.20)



Nick Kendell is the Senior Associate for Australia and New Zealand in the recruiting organisation Search Associates. Nick started his international teaching career in 1995, and has since worked across 3 different continents. He began at the Hong Kong International School and then moved back to Australia to take up a Deputy Principal role at Scotch Oakburn College in Launceston, Tasmania. After 4.5 years in this role, Nick moved to Cairo in 2008 to become the Head of Primary at the New Cairo British International School. He completed his time in Cairo, and returned to Australia in July 2011.