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“Your network is the place that you learn.”  – James MacDonald

A Quick Summary

Have you ever pondered the path to an educational leadership position? Our journey today takes us through the winding roads of educational leadership. We share tales from our own experiences, and we unearth the essential skills you need to thrive. It’s all about upskilling, networking, and active engagement in the learning community. We’ll discuss why these actions are so critical and how you can incorporate them into your own professional growth.


Show notes

In this episode…

(0:00:01) – Leadership and Career Advancement in Education (11 Minutes)

We explore the different pathways and qualifications for those aspiring to leadership positions, and how moving towards a mastery-based assessment system has shifted the focus to what skills individuals can bring to the job. We also examine how the Covid-19 pandemic has contributed to a busy year for educators, and how it is important to find a balance between getting the job done and having enough breathing space.

(0:11:06) – Skills and Networking in Educational Leadership (11 Minutes)

Leaders in independent schools must be mindful of the macro environment and use their skills to keep up with shifting and evolving trends. Upskilling through courses, accreditation visits, and networking with experienced professionals can help propel one’s career. It is also important to actively engage in the learning community, which can help those in senior leadership positions.

(0:22:34) – Career Advancement Success Strategies (9 Minutes)

We explore the need to be open and flexible about the kind of position you might take, and how to increase your chances of success by asking the right questions. We also consider how to ensure that your enthusiasm and passion for the job comes through in the interview, and how to focus on the positive elements of your past experience as an example of what you can bring to the role.


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