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A Quick Summary

In this show, the “Where’s Your Head At?” hosts talk with Tony Little about how he started his career in education, his advice for leaders and whether the past or future is a better time to live in. Tony’s rich experience at Eton College is discussed along with the concept that “leaders must work from the heart”. You will also hear Tony’s insightful thoughts on what will be important in education in the next 20 years. 


Show notes

In this episode…

Introduction of Tony Little (2.45)

What is Tony doing today? (4.50)

How did Tony get into education? (7.30)

What was the genesis of Tony’s first book? (8.20)

What is key for a good leader? (11.10)

What made Eton special and what is the ‘game changer’ in education today? (12.20)

Can we substitute teachers with tech? (15.20)

Advice for school leaders today (17.30)

How do we get the balance right? (18.50)

Where would Tony prefer to live…in the past or the future? (20.30)

Leaders must carve out time for themselves (23.20)

What were the key lessons Tony witnessed in his career? (24.20)

How to contact Tony (27.30)



Tony Little

Tony Little spent seven years as housemaster of Brentwood School, seven years as the headmaster of Chigwell School, six years as headmaster of Oakham School and 13 years as Head Master of Eton College. From 2015-18 he was Chief Education Officer of GEMS Education responsible for ensuring the quality of education across the global chain. From September 2018 he became President of the World Leading Schools Association, Shanghai Academy, developing a new generation of not-for-profit, needs-blind high schools in China. He also became Chair of the Laurus Trust, a multi-academy trust operating in the Manchester area. Since September 2020 he is the Chair of Governors at London Academy of Excellence, Stratford. Also the author of two books: An Intelligent Person’s Guide to Education, and “Adolescence – How to Survive It”, 

Tony Little was educated at Eton College in Berkshire where he was a music scholar, and at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, where he was a choral scholar and gained an upper second class honours degree in English language and literature. He received a Master of Arts in English as well as Postgraduate Certificate in Education (Distinction) at Homerton College, Cambridge