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”I am still gobsmacked that there are still schools hiring people without checking a reference” – James Dalziel

A Quick Summary

In this engaging conversation, join us as we navigate the critical world of recruitment within schools and the profound impact it has. We understand the importance of investing time and energy to ensure the best candidates are chosen for our schools, striking the right balance of professionalism and humanity. We also discuss the unique challenges of recruiting for international schools, highlighting the importance of flexibility in scheduling and timing.


Show notes

In this episode…

(0:00:00) – Recruitment (8 Minutes)

We explore the importance of recruitment for schools, and how it can have a tremendous positive or negative impact. We need to invest time and energy to make sure the best candidates are chosen for the school, and the importance of finding those with a balance of professionalism and humanity who are able to work well with others. 

(0:07:53) – Importance of Hiring the Right Candidates (12 Minutes)

We discuss the challenge of recruiting the right teachers and the importance of understanding the context of individual vacancies. We look into the factors to consider when selecting the best candidate, from resume, references, and school they graduated from, to the team they’re joining and the energy they bring to the group. We also explore the role of references in the recruitment process and the importance of understanding the biases of the interviewer.

(0:19:29) – Implementing Diversity in Schools (4 Minutes)

We examine the complexities of introducing diversity into our school workforce and the importance of ensuring our decision-making is transparent and clear. To further promote internationalism, we investigate ways to recruit people outside of traditional networks and how to factor in lived experiences when searching for teachers and staff.


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