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”Welcome to the new compression of time as school leaders grapple with change” – James Dalziel


A Quick Summary

The “Where’s Your Head At” hosts have taken a different approach for this episode. Instead of hosting a special guest, they chat with each other about the current and future state of artificial intelligence in schools.


Show notes

Introduction (0.45)

AI statement from The Moreton Bay Colleges (2.00)

James and James provide context for the show (3.00)

How are adults reacting to new AI as compared to children? (6.00)

Are schools banning Chat GPT? (7.50)

What is the reaction to Chat GPT in Brussels? (9.00)

How are schools introducing Chat GPT? (10.30)

The impact on Bloom’s taxonomy (12.45)

The heightened importance of the development of skills in education (14.00)

Tyranny of transformation (17.20)

Social implications of AI (19.40)

The luxury of think time (23.40)

Augmented humans and ethical decisions (25.50)

What’s important for our children to be learning? (27.00)

What do you do when you don’t know what to do? (28.20)

Humanity has faced threats throughout history (30.40)