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“My career has not been based on luck…an opportunity arose, I grabbed it and I worked for it” – Fidelis Nthenge

A Quick Summary

The “Where’s Your Head At” hosts chat with Fidelis Nthenge, an experienced international educator who has worked in various roles in schools and made a significant contribution to the International Baccalaureate community. In this show, we hear what Fidelis believes to be the key changes in education over the past 10 years and what she believes will be essential for schools to thrive in the future.


Show notes

In this episode…

Introduction for Fidelis Nthenge (3.15)

What have been the most impactful changes in education over the past 10 years? (4.50)

What have been the key challenges for Fidelis during the pandemic? (7.17)

Were there specific moments, or individuals, who helped Fidelis in her career? (9.25)

Are there key elements that leaders must have? (13.45)

Biographies/books/models which Fidelis has used for her leadership (15.05)

If you started again would you do anything differently? (16.40)

Leaders and modesty (18.15)

What underlying belief would Fidelis change in education today? (19.30)

Significant changes in education over the past 20 years and what will see in the future (22.00)

How can we involve students more in leadership? (24.00)

“School’s First” and “Student Centred” strategy (24.45)

What book would Fidelis recommend? (26.30)

How to contact Fidelis (27.50)



Fidelis Nthenge 

Fidelis works as Head of the IB World Schools department based in the IB’s global centre in The Hague. She is responsible for the development and implementation of school improvement strategy for IB World Schools, in line with the IB strategy and objectives, supporting IB World Schools to achieve their optimal teaching, learning and assessment. Before joining the IB in 2011, Fidelis spent 14 years with the Aga Khan Education Services in East Africa, where she was head of two of their IB World Schools in Nairobi, Kenya and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.