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Jane Larsson

“The education community should have the courage to use our data and the experiences of other businesses to improve education”. 


A Quick Summary

The “Where’s Your Head At” Team speak with Jane Larsson, the Executive Director of the Council of International Schools (CIS) as she talks about where we are going as a community of educators in international schools. Her work on Child Protection has been incredibly impactful on the international education community and Jane also speaks about the importance of student wellbeing in schools today. She also shares her thoughts on what leaders need to do. 


Show notes

In this episode…

Intro from James MacDonald (1.40)

Intro from James Dalziel (2.15)

Intro from Richard Henry (3.15)

Why are the team doing this podcast? (4.35)

Introduction for Jane Larsson (6.15)

How did Jane get her start and what is she doing today? (7.30)

Who was the person Jane met that had a significant impact on her career? (11.17)

What is the important thing for international school leaders to get right? (14.46)

If you could start again in leadership, would you do anything differently? (17.20)

What ideas should leaders let go of in schools? (18.40)

What should (21.15)

What are people getting right in education today? (23.45)

Jane’s insights on Child Protection (26.00)

The strategic decisions around what you won’t do (30.05)

Jane’s take away for people who want to be a leader in education (33.25)

How to contact Jane (35.10)



Jane Larsson has led the Council of International Schools (CIS) as Executive Director since her appointment in 2010. Over the past 25 years, Jane has led the international education community with a focus on the development of collaborative partnerships to enable and support educational exchange and the development of international and intercultural perspective. Prior to her appointment at CIS, Jane was Direc­tor of International Partnerships with the Visiting International Faculty Program (VIF) in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. She began her career in international education as the Director of Educational Staffing and Publications for International Schools Services (ISS) providing recruitment services and resources to international schools.

She currently serves as Chair of the International Taskforce on Child Protection and on the Board of Directors of the International Commission Advancing Independent School Accreditation (ICAISA).